At DL Ceilings we offer fair prices for all our work. In general, this type of dropped ceiling is quite a different project when compared to traditional methods used elsewhere, with the main advantage being the fact that it is a great decoration. With this kind of stretch ceiling, customers can choose from a wide range of unique patterns, each of which can help you make a genuine style statement in your property. For this kind of effect, it really is worth the cost.

When it comes to the overall price of a dropped ceiling, many factors can determine the final price, the most important of which is the area of the room. Additional, unusual dimensions, nooks, enclaves, and any such thing can also contribute to the eventual costings.

Customisations also play a major part in the price of your project, with things such as the material choice, (PVC or polyester), selected pattern, custom prints or so on. Another important cost consideration is lighting, one of the most important elements in any room. Whether you want an LED strip or a traditional lamp, fit specifically for the purpose of such a ceiling, consider the cost.

Everything our DL Ceilings team has detailed above means that the price of your project is bespoke to your needs and requirements, with most manufacturers usually offering a basic price, which changes based on all your personal choices as discussed.