What are stretch ceilings?

When the time comes to repair an old, damaged ceiling, many property owners consider the cost and effort involved to be prohibitive or not worth it. Many people, when they are in this position, consider one of our stretch ceiling installation solutions that are available for customers across Scotland. Both aesthetically and practically, a stretch ceiling is able to provide a superb solution to your problem, allowing you to conceal imperfections. Though they are more expensive than general standard plastering, a stretch ceiling offers luxury and quality, making it worth every penny.

Why are stretch ceilings appreciated?

At DL Ceilings, we have built a solid professional reputation for installing stretch fabric ceilings all across Scotland, in premises of many styles and sizes. Known as a dropped ceiling, our team of trusted professionals use time honoured, trusted, traditional, and old techniques that makes us leaders in the interior design industry. As history attests and is shown around the world, hanging has always been popular, just as stretch ceilings in Scotland still are today. Whether it is the Ancient Romans using silk or the Egyptians using their exquisite and glorious flax, or even the Armenians utilizing cotton, stretch fabric materials somehow become obsolete and faded from use. Thankfully, they reemerged triumphantly and spectacularly in the 20th century. When we stretch ceilings in Scotland, we do it the DL Ceilings way using PVC fabric, both installed on special boards attached to the walls, with our design allowing customers to carefully select their own preference from a wealth of patterns, bespoke to personal interior design tastes.